54th National NATS Conference

July 8-12, 2016

Marriott Magnificent Mile
540 North Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL  60611


Missy Wise, NMTC 1st Place (Davin Youngs)

Anson Woodin, NMTC 2nd Place (Donald Simonson)

Lauren Paris, Mark Saunders & Nicole Stewart, NMTC semi-finalists

Faith Brooks, NSA 1st Place, High School MT (Brad Bartlett)

Kate Broderick, NSA 1st Place, High School (Gloria Olsen)

Shayne Piles, NSA 1st Place, High School (Chris Thompson)

Siciliy Mathenia, NSA 2nd Place, Lower Clg/Ind Studio (Carole Gaspar)

Patrick Graham, NSA 1st Place, Lower Clg/Ind Studio (Ann Harrell)

David Fournie, NSA 3rd Place, Lower Clg/Ind Studio (Marc Schapman)

Mary Kettlewell, NSA 1st Place, Upper Clg/Ind Studio (Ann Harrell)

David Catalano, NSA 1st Place, Upper Clg/Ind Studio(Y. Gonzales-Redman)

Sean Stanton, NSA 3rd Place, Adv Clg/Ind Studio (Annie Picard)

Madeleine Wiegers, Trevor Ross, Laura Rowe, Nicole Stewart, Timothy Kirby, Pax Baker, Alyssa Becker, Kyle Roeder, Andrea Caruso, Brittany Graham, Karlos Pinero-Mercado & Benjamin Worley, NSA semi-finalists


54th NATS Conference Committee Members:

Karen Brunssen              Program Chair

Sarah Holman                   Coordinating Committee Chair

Victoria Holland               Guest Artist Coordinator

Thomas Hueber               Volunteer Coordinator

David Hoffman                 Singers/Pianist Coordinator

Chadley Ballantyne         Registration Coordinator

Carol Chapman                NATSAA Coordinator

Mark Crayton                   Site-host for NSA Semi-finals

Donald Simonson            NMTC Coordinator

Chicago Chapter NATS, Tracey Ford, President – Coordinator of NATS Store and CCNATS Selfie Poster

Northwestern University – Conference Sponsor:  Conference Bags

Roosevelt University – Conference Sponsor:  NSA Semi-final Auditions 

2016 NATSAA Semi-Finals

The Central Region semi-finalist, Sean Stanton, competes Thursday, July 7 1:00 – 5:00 pm, in the Grand Ballroom Salon 1 - 7th Floor.

2016 National Music Theater Competition

Five Central Region Semifinalists will compete on Friday, July 8th with the finals scheduled for Saturday, July 9th.  The NMTC seeks the best emerging music theater soloists between the ages of 20-28.  

Lauren Paris, Chicago, IL

Mark Saunders, St. Louis, MO

Nicole Stewart, Cedar Rapids, IA

Missy Wise, Chicago, IL

Anson Woodin, Ames, IA

2016 National Student Auditions (NSA) Semi-Finals

Auditions will be held at Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts, Saturday, July 9th.

Category I - High School Music Theater Women

1. Faith Brooks--Brad Barrett

Category III - High School Women

2. Kate Broderick--Gloria Olsen

3. Madeleine Wiegers--Leanne Freeman-Miller

Category IV - High School Men

4. Shayne Piles--Chris Thompson

Category VI – Lower College Music Theater Men

5 .David Fournie--Marc Schapman

6. Trevor Ross--Ann Cravero

Category VII – Lower College/Independent Studio Women

7. Sicily Mathenia--Carole Gaspar

Category VIII – Lower College/Independent Studio Men

8 .David Fournie--Marc Schapman

9. Patrick Graham--Ann Harrell

Category IX – Upper College Music Theater Women

10. Laura Rowe--Amy Johns

11. Nicole Stewart--Allison Holmes-Bendixon

Category X – Upper College Music Theater Men

12. Timothy Kirby--Jennifer Mather

Category XI – Upper College/Independent Studio Women

13. Pax Baker--Christine Seitz

14. Alyssa Becker--Leanne Freeman-Miller

15. Mary Kettlewell--Ann Harrell

 Category XII – Upper College/Independent Studio Men

16. David Catalano--Yvonne Gonzales-Redman

17. Kyle Roeder--Leanne Freeman-Miller

 Category XIII – Advanced College/Independent Studio Women

18. Andrea Caruso--Mark Crayton

19. Brittany Graham--Carole Gaspar

Category XIV - Advanced College/Independent Studio Men

20. Karlos Pinero-Mercado--Mark Crayton

21. Sean Stanton--Annie Picard

22. Benjamin Worley--Christine Seitz

Central Region members presenting at the National Conference:

Dr. Aaron Johnson, Pre-Conference Workshop "The Aging Voice," Friday, 9 am - 1 pm

Stephen Smith, Plenary Session Master Class, Friday, 3:30 - 5 pm

Julia Bentley, "Making our Garden Grow:  Cultivating 21st-Century Art Song," Saturday, 9 - 10 am

Davin Youngs, "You've Got a Business, Teaching Singing - Entrepreneurialism and the Contemporary Independent Voice Studio, Saturday, 9 - 10 am

Grace Kolbo, Poster Session, "Exploring Nia for Singers," Saturday, 12 - 2 pm

Lisa Griffith, Publisher Showcase, "Imagine Music Together in Your Community," Saturday, 12:10 - 12:55 pm

Chris Thompson, NATS Talks, "Electronic Juries - Saving Trees and Achieving the Most out of Digital Assessment in the 21st Century, Saturday, 5 - 6 pm

Karen Bauer, "Kinesthesia in Singing:  Science in Action," Sunday, 4 - 5 pm

Maria Lagios, Angela Presutti & Michelle Areyzaga, Publisher Showcase, "ECS Publishing," Sunday, 5:15 - 6 pm

Karen Brunssen with AATS, "Accesible Publication:  Copyright and Integration of 21st Century Means of Publishing for Academic, Personal and Professional Use of Printed Music, Monday, 9 - 10 am

Dr. Robert Bastian, Plenary Sessions, "Voice Science I and II," Monday, 10:30 am - 12 pm & 2 - 3:30 pm

Melissa Foster, "Rocking the Traditional Singing Boat:  How to make the transition from classical to contemporary musical theatre and beyond," Monday, 4 - 5 pm