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Update:  27 October 2017

Several room assignments have changed.

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Update:  26 October 2017

Last-Minute Questions & Reminders

Each auditioning student will provide an ID with proof of age and a legal paper score at Registration.

o   For scores purchased online with a name printed on the receipt or score, the name does not matter.  We had a question about the teacher vs. student name.  Not every online score will have an associated name.

o   Per the National Office, there is no allowed use of any electronic device by the pianist or to verify the original score. 

Copyright Law: All NATS-sponsored events are required to observe the law strictly and prohibit the use of photocopied music, except for noncopyrighted materials, or when permission has been obtained from the publisher of copyright holder for out-of-print material. Only when written permission waiving copyright is presented will photocopied music be permitted. Photocopies to facilitate page turns are prohibited without the above permission. The full NATS copyright policy can be found at

Update:  25 October 2017

The Presentation schedule was updated - William Hudson will present "24 Italian Songs for the 21st Century: New Editions of Previously Unknown Works" Saturday @ 4:30 pm and Liz Jackson Hearn will present "Teaching Transgender Singers:  Culturally Competent Pedagogy" Sunday @ 12:00 pm.     

See the full schedule and read the abstracts!

The time of the SNATS meeting has been corrected to 5 pm.

Update:  23 October 2017

The schedule has been updated to reflect that NATSAA Finals will begin at 6:30 pm Saturday.  The SNATS meeting will now end at 6:15 pm.

Summer Program Auditions registration is now available online!!!

Due to continuing issues with software, the Summer Program Auditions page has been updated to reflect that payment may be made at the time of audition, and the requirement to upload a headshot and resume has been removed.  Please continue to contact Kate Saulsbury ( with questions or issues.

Update:  21 October 2017

The deadline to register for Summer Program Auditions has been extended to October 28 due to difficulties with the registration software.  

Update:  10 October 2017

Welcome to La Musica Lirica, which will participate in the first annual Summer Program Auditions at the Conference.

Summer Program Auditions now have two options for the Repertoire Requirement:

Option A: One aria and two art songs OR      Option B: Two arias and one art song

Update: 7 October 2017

Congratulations to 47-year NATS member Maria Lagios, the 2017 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Update:  30 September 2017

Two additional programs will be represented at the Summer Program Auditions.   

Update:  26 September 2017

The Audition & Registrations page has been updated to reflect addition of four new categories for Adults - Music Theater & Classical.  Additionally, high school categories may be divided into upper & lower categories, depending on registration.

The Summer Program Auditions page has been updated to reflect the link for registration: and the due date of October 20.

Update:  18 September 2017

Conference registration opens today, with a goal time of 5 pm.

Update:  7 September 2017

Registration packets were mailed to teachers in the region on September 6.

Conference and Audition Registration OPENS Monday, September 18, and CLOSES Monday, October 16.  


Update:  August 31, 2017

Three hotels are holding a limited number of rooms at a special NATS rate until October 1.

Hampton Inn - NATS Rate:  $109

815.748.4323 - 663 S. Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb, IL 60115


Red Roof Inn & Suites (3 blocks from Music Building) - NATS Rate:  $69.99

815.758.8661 - 1212 West Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, IL 60115


University Inn Holmes Student Union (on campus) - NATS Rate:  $79.00 plus tax

815.753.6389 - 340 Carroll Ave., DeKalb, IL 60115


Update:  August 17, 2017

2017 Central Region NATS Presentations

“A sound investment: Using instrumental models to illustrate vocal physiology” - Julia Bentley

“Staying on Track: Vocal Points Tracker, a Voice Budgeting Tool” - Theresa Brancaccio

“24 Italian Songs for the 21st Century: New Editions of Previously Unknown Works” - Dr. William Hudson

“’New’ Rossini Songs & Ensembles: A Sneak Peek at the Forthcoming Critical Edition” - Elizabeth Parker with the Fourth Coast Ensemble

“The mélodies of Cécile Chaminade: Hidden Treasures for Vocal Performance and Pedagogy” - Dr. Robin Smith

“Crossing the Genres: A Classical Singer’s Guide to Jazz” - Sarah Wigley Johnson

Update:  August 10, 2017

The conference registration fee has been established at $40.  Additional registration details will be available in September.

The conference includes Regional qualifying rounds for the National Student Auditions, the Regional NATSAA competition, student poster sessions, a topical breakfast for teachers, and presentations by six teachers within the region.