2016 Conference Assignments - THANK YOU TO ALL!

Conference Hostesses:  Kitty Eberle-Fink & Susan Sondrol Jones

Conference Chair:  Mark Crayton

Conference Chair Assistant:  Chadley Ballantyne

Auditions Chair:  Sarah Holman

Auditions Chair Assistant:  Chris Thompson

Topical Breakfast Coordinator:  Jonathon Struve

Snacks:  Kate Saulsbury

Book/CD Corner:  Thomas Hueber

Master Class Coordinator:  Pamela Ellsworth-Smith

Registration:  Jeffrey Carter

Raffle:  Thomas Hueber

Student Posters:  Mitra Sadeghpour

Presentations/Poster Adjudicators:  Carol Chapman, Donald Simonson, Chadley Ballantyne


Conference Honoree

Donald Simonson

We are honoring Donald Simonson at this year’s conference for his many years of work for NATS in numerous roles throughout his professional career. 

Thank you, Donald, for your time, energy, vision, talent, hard work, and years of selfless contributions to Central Region NATS.


Master Class

Karen Brunssen & Natalia Rivera

Saturday, 7:30 pm


Conference Presentations

Poster Sessions