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Student Audition Guidelines

  1. General Information: All Student Auditions and National Student Auditions must use the same scoring system, enabling scoring data comparisons across all NATS Regions. Scoring is based on a national standard. Larger enrollments may require semifinal rounds or split categories. Live auditions with a large number of singers in a category may be divided into two or more groups for the preliminary round.      
    1. Teachers:  All registered and participating teachers will serve as adjudicators for all rounds   
    2. Teachers:  All teachers must register and pay for their students. Individual student payments are not accepted.
    3. Preliminary Round: 8 Minutes commencing when the student enters the performing space.
      1. Singers in all classifications will sing one song of their choice and then songs selected by the adjudicators within the time limits.
      2. During the preliminary round, adjudicators will write constructive comments and a score between 70 and  100 on their scoring sheets. These sheets will be made available prior to the start of the next round, if   possible, in order that the singers may benefit from the written comments
    4. Semi-Final Round:  
      1. Only students who have received 2 scores of 90 or above or an average score of 90 or above in the preliminary round will enter the semifinal round.
      2. There is no limit on the number of semifinalists.
      3.  Students will possibly compete against different singers (but of the same category) in the semi-final round.
      4. Each student will sing one selection of his/her choice in its entirety. This selection must be one of the numbers submitted in the preliminary round entry. 
      5.  Each adjudicator will give a score between 70 and 100. The highest average scores advance.
      6. Final tabulations will be made by the Auditions Chair and assistants.
      7. The adjudicators are not to confer until after their rating sheets have been delivered to the Auditions Office.
      8. A maximum of 3 students will enter the finals from each division, unless there is a tie. 
      9. A maximum of 5 from each division will be eligible to advance to the National Student Auditions (3 finalists and 2 honorable mentions taken from the next most competitive scores of the semi final round).   
    5. Final Round 5 minutes commencing when the student enters the performing space.
      1. Each student will sing one song of his/her choice in its entirety, but not to exceed 5 minutes. This selection must be one of the numbers submitted in the preliminary round entry.
      2. The adjudicators will not confer. Each adjudicator ranks the finalists from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest). Results are returned to the Auditions Office and tabulated. Lowest total scores are awarded appropriate prizes/recognition. 
      3. All awards are presented after the Finals during closing ceremony. 
    6. Split Categories: If the numbers in a category exceed 30 the category will be split into two rooms.  Finalists will be awarded in each room.
    7. Proof of Age: Teachers, carefully verify age of students and their categories. Remind your students to bring their state issued government ID.
    8. Students may audition in both music theater and classical but need to register and pay for both.
    9. Fees:  The following non-refundable fees will be assessed:

10. Awards:  Prize money will be awarded from registration and entry fees. If you would like to contribute to the Awards Fund to increase the overall amount awarded, please include your tax-deductible donation at checkout. Your generosity will be noted in the publicity and program brochure.

11. Copyright Law:  All NATS-sponsored events are required to observe the law strictly and prohibit the use of photocopied   music, except for non-copyrighted materials, or when permission has been obtained from the publisher of copyright holder for out-of-print material. Only when written permission waiving copyright is presented will photocopied music be permitted. Photocopies to facilitate page turns are prohibited without the above permission. The full NATS copyright policy can be found at      

12. Repertoire: All repertoire must be memorized, including oratorio. Selections should be sung in original languages or in translation if warranted by performance practice

2.    Registration

  1. Teachers will register and pay for all students at
  2. Teachers submitting students must be members of NATS in good standing.
  3. Teachers may ONLY enter students who currently study with them.  You many not enter a colleague's student.
  4. All payments will be accepted via Paypal.
  5. All Teachers attending the conference will adjudicate.
  6. There will be no limit to the number of students entered by any teacher.
  7. Teachers may not accompany any student auditioning in any category as their own students.
  8. Accompanists may play for up to 8 singers.

3.   Category, Repertoire, Age, and Time Requirements


Please note that category numbers are the same as the National Student Auditions (NSA).