Governor's Message

Dear Central Region NATS Members,

My annual report for the national board meeting mentions 70 names of people from Chapters, Districts, and the Central Region who have contributed to “Central Region NATS - Pedagogy: Enhanced and Informed.”   This year 27 members submitted proposals for our annual Central Region Conference and Student Auditions.  Clearly our members are taking full advantage of the national conference being held in our region.  170 Central Region NATS members, 5 National Music Theater Finalists, 1 NATSAA Central Region winner, and 24 National Student Auditions semi-finalists will be attending the 54th National Conference in Chicago July 8 – 12, 2016.  Many are volunteering to help, on the national conference board, or presenting at the conference.  Chicago Chapter NATS is manning the first ever NATS Store.    

As of July 12th Carol Chapman will be the Central Region NATS Governor.  She has already launched a new website for the region, has a strong vision for our future, and is tireless in her dedication to create opportunities for all our teachers AND students in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. 

It has been an honor (and a blast) being the Governor of the Central Region the past 2 1/3 years.  I love that we are moving toward our 2nd Central Region Conference and Student Auditions.  I am blown away that so many people submitted to present both in 2015 and 2016.  Every chapter has doubled their efforts to work with our “new normal” annual Central Region Conference and Student Auditions, and the result is great ideas, great discussion, renewed networking, and a motivated plan.  Our Central Region Board added a Liaison for SNATS, Liaison for Collaborative Pianists, a Treasurer position, and an Advisor position.  Best of all has been getting to know the talented, like-minded people whose love of singing and teaching will continue to be a central part of my musical life as a member of Central Region NATS and as President-Elect of NATS (installed on July 12th). 

I look forward to seeing MANY of you at the 54th NATS National Conference in Chicago, and at the Central Region NATS Conference and Student Auditions.  Please join me in welcoming Carol Chapman as Governor of Central Region NATS.  


Karen Brunssen